4 Bad Resume Examples

Here are several BAD resume examples—don’t do this! These are some common mistakes I often see people make on their resumes. Refrain from making these common errors and you will set yourself apart from the hungry pack of job hunters.

Bad Resume Example 1


  1. Don’t center everything! This makes it very difficult to read. Especially with bullet points.
  2. Don’t use too much white space, or too little. Balance your text with the white space around it.
  3. Don’t use the same typeface weight or size. It is difficult to see where categories begin and end.

Example 2


  1. The margins are too small on this bad resume. It looks like you’ve crammed everything into a little space—too crowded. Margins and white space let your words and design “breathe.”
  2. Don’t italicize your headlines. It makes them look like a logo for a hockey team, or like they are running a race.
  3. Don’t use a font larger than 11 points for body copy. It looks too bulky and unprofessional.

Example 3


  1. Too much color looks like an American “theme” gone wrong. It also looks a little like a cheap advertisement… “Step right up folks, here’s your chance…”
  2. The variation of color disconnects the categories and decreased unity. Nothing looks like it goes together.
  3. Margins on this one look pretty good though. Nice “breathing” room.

Example 4


  1. Don’t use Papyrus! Unless you’re designing the poster for Avatar VIII.
  2. Don’t use overly decorative typefaces. They are too hard to read when used for body copy.
  3. Don’t combine decorative typefaces