Photoshop: Brushes and Painting


This Photoshop tutorial covers:

  • Brush style and size
  • Pressure sensitivity brushes with the WACOM tablet
  • Custom Brushes

Most graphic designers will have to draw something digitally from time-to-time. While most drawings are done with the basic round brush (I'd advise this to start out) sometimes a custom brush is helpful.

A WACOM tablet, or a digital d awing tablet really helps when you're drawing or painting in Photoshop. You need the pressure sensitivity to help your brush strokes look hand-painted. Solid consistent line work usually doesn't look as good as inconsistent, thick and thin brush strokes.

You don't need to buy a super expensive WACOM tablet. I'm using one right now that cost $199.

Below is a tutorial that will help you begin painting digitally. It shows how to create a custom brush and how to begin painting by building up layers of colors to create depth and dimension.


Tutorial: Photoshop - Brushes and Custom Brushes




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