Project: 3D Marketing Graphic


Hand In

  • A page showing your original photos
  • A PNG of your new 3D Marketing Graphic (300ppi)


Create a 3D Marketing Graphic that educates us with interesting products or data

  • Composite 10–20 images together to educate us
  • Choose your subject and data set if doing a graph
    (favorite pizza toppings, most popular music streaming services, world's tallest buildings, most popular kid's sports, most raised farm animals. What subject lends itself to a 3D stacked bar graph or a 3D disk-shaped pie chart?)
  • Use Google Advanced Search to find usable, hi-res photos. Be sure to use the usage rights filter when searching
  • Create your Photoshop file to size (CMYK, 8.5x11, 300ppi)
  • Sketch ideas and layouts as needed
  • Begin finding photos, type, art, colors, logos, and design elements


I am in the process of working on this 3D marketing graphic for a fictitious fastener and building supply company. I wanted to show an example of what your project might look like.

Still in progress . . .


Here are the photos I've used so far:

I found these using Google Advanced image search with the licensing filter applied.


I photographed these fasteners myself


Other samples


Anton Egorov (Behance)