Graphic Design & Marketing

Design Project - Single Stream Recycling Signs



For this project we will complete one sign design for Western's single stream recycling bins.


Communicate clearly and quickly what the bin is for and what should go in it.

Like most good design and signage, pictures communicate more effectively than type. They also transcend language and in most cases, culture.

Challenge yourself to create a sign that can be understood by a child who can't read.

Hand In

Your final sign design.
Full-size, full-color, 300ppi, in Illustrator.

Your sign should showcase Western's brand

Be sure to include these brand attributes:

  1. Logo
  2. Brand colors
  3. Brand Typeface
  4. Branded Photos and/or illustrations
  5. Body Copy (descriptive words to "sell" your message/product/service)
  6. Brand design elements (borders, icons, unique page layout, shapes, etc.)


Good Examples

All signs are not created equal. We'll discuss the difference in these sample signs together in class.

We'll start with several good examples to get your ideas flowing.

These are good signs because

  • Clearly communicate their message
  • Use photos or art to quickly deliver the message
  • Educate the viewer
  • Are nicely designed
  • feature developed illustrations (not just quick vector line drawings)
  • Use a simple, minimalistic color scheme (notice green is always used)
  • Incorporate a brand (some)









Average Examples

These signs are okay, and get the message across, but they aren't designed or illustrated as well as the signs above



Poor Examples

These are poor examples that lack organization, clarity of message, or are just poorly designed